Challenges for the facility manager in international projects are increasing!

Challenges for the facility manager in international projects are increasing!

Due to an increasing internationalization of the global economy, the demands on the facility manager to successfully manage and execute projects beyond national borders are rising!

In addition to sufficient language skills, intercultural competencies are becoming increasingly important! For example, in a project for the preparation of maintenance and inspection plans for building services in a European portfolio, in addition to the aforementioned skills, well-founded know-how from the (regionally) applicable regulations is also required!

Experience shows that it takes a lot of discussion to explain to (top) management why a passenger elevator system has to be inspected by an expert every 12 months in Germany, every 18 months in the Netherlands and every 36 months in France (!). This is without prejudice to the requirements of DIN-EN 81-20/50, which are to be applied overall, as well as the local requirements arising, for example, from the building permit and occupational health and safety.

The fact that the aforementioned heterogeneity makes multinational tenders more costly, complex and makes benchmarking across the respective locations more difficult is only one consequence. More far-reaching are the consequences under liability law for the responsibility of the (top) management, which must be communicated accordingly by the facility manager by means of specialist knowledge, also on the basis of the prevailing corporate culture in each case.

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Challenges for the facility manager in international projects - Peter Schmidt



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